Tips For Safe Truck Driving

Safe Truck Driving

In addition to using your GPS while driving a truck, you should also make use of paper maps. Using paper maps is especially important when you encounter less-than-ideal road conditions. Always drive at a safe speed and control your speed when on inclines. You’ll travel much faster if you stay safe rather than speeding. Here are a few more tips for safe truck driving. Here are some of the most important ones:

Avoiding distractions while driving

Drivers who are distracted can endanger themselves and others. Avoiding distractions while driving your truck is essential to staying safe while you are on the road. Many distractions are visual, such as looking away for too long to read a book, gawking at a passing crash, or reading a text on your phone. Manual distractions can be anything, from eating or texting to reaching for an object dropped on the floor.

Avoiding lane changes in heavy traffic

When trying to avoid lane changes in heavy traffic, remember to signal before changing lanes. While you may be tempted to switch lanes to pass a slower vehicle, that is a dangerous move that could cause a crash. Also, avoid turning on your turn signal at the same time that another vehicle changes lanes. This will make the change less noticeable to other drivers and will allow you to drive in the same lane as the lane that’s changing.

Avoiding staring at the headlights of oncoming traffic

Drivers should lower their line of sight and keep their gaze to the right of the road when approaching oncoming traffic, and watch the painted lane lines. They should also avoid staring directly into the oncoming vehicle’s headlights. This is an especially critical step during dusk or night when deer are more likely to be on the road. If they must stare at the oncoming vehicle’s headlights, they should lower their high beams and drive as far to the right as possible.

Staying awake while driving long distances

One of the most important tips for staying alert while driving is to drink plenty of water. This might not seem like it is much but it will save you from a trip to the truck accident lawyer in the future. Water has many health benefits, including keeping your body hydrated. You should also avoid high-sugar foods, as they will cause you to feel sleepy. However, there are a few ways to stay awake without drinking too much. The following tips will help you stay awake when driving for long periods of time. You should avoid consuming caffeine in excess.

Keeping DOT compliant

If you own a trucking company, you should follow a DOT compliance checklist to ensure that you comply with federal laws. Other DOT requirements include CDL training and drug and alcohol testing, so it’s important to review these regularly to stay compliant. Failure to do so can result in costly fines and can put workers at risk. Using an AI-driven dash cam can help you manage your HOS by suggesting drivers with high accuracy. For more information visit the link

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