Here are Reasons to take a Static Caravan Insurance

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The static caravan may be something you use occasionally, but it does not mean there are no risks to them. On the contrary, numerous factors may necessitate you to take an insurance cover for the asset. Statistics show that most people who claim static caravan insurance seek compensation for risks when the caravans are not in use.

The Cost of Insurance

The ideal insurance cover factors the specific needs of your static caravan. It needs to be an affordable policy that covers the likely risks to the property. Mostly, it will depend on the environment where an individual places them. Also, it should consider any unforeseeable occurrence likely to take place in the area.

Regardless of the probability of the risk factors happening, it is crucial to protect what you own. The ultimate cost of buying or refurbishing the items is costly than taking an insurance cover. Click here to know ways to reduce the insurance cover cost and get a quote that favors your finances.

Reasons to Take the Static Caravan Insurance

Finding the correct cost to taking insurance is not the reason to take the plan. On the contrary, it should be the risk factors that you want to mitigate. Below are reasons to you should take the policies;


The static caravans may attract thieves, especially when they are not in use for prolonged periods. Criminals will study the trends of individuals to know the places to target. Probably you have valuable items in the caravan, and you need to protect yourself from the loss of items through theft. The plan should cover the financial losses when you lose personal items and installations in the caravan. Also, it should pay for damage to the locking system or the thieves’ entry point.


One of the largest clams by static caravan owners is due to fires. The statistics show an increase in such claims every year. It is a reason to protect yourself from total loss if the inevitable happens. Most of the time, it will not be your fault that the fire happens, and it is why you need an insurance company to cover the losses.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The static caravans are prone to adverse weather conditions throughout the various seasons. It includes the risks of flooding from excess rainfall or the effects of a storm. If you look at the media, the risks of adverse weather are increasing everywhere, and it is why you need to insure your assets from damage. The elements can destroy the roofing systems, personal items, and other fixtures in the caravan.

Other Risk Factors

Vandalism can happen when away from your static caravan, but an insurance plan can cover the losses. Also, some risks that can happen as an accident include damage by animals and falling objects like trees.


More risk factors exist, and it is advisable to have expert help in determining them. Damage costs are usually high, and it is why you need an insurance company to cover the financial losses.

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