Recycling Farm Scrap Metal for Money


The farm is a lifestyle you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world; yet, as much as you love it, it is a chore. You look out into the field, and that old tractor could use repairs, or need to be replaced. You open the barn, and there are more scrap metal items, and you think if only you had the time to load up the old truck to get rid of the items. Broken, damaged, worn out, or not used, why not opt for a simple, yet profitable way to get rid of the scrap items? Western Metal Recycling pays cash for scrap metals, offering sheer ease when buying the metals.
Farm equipment is heavy; and, while it may be rusty and old, that old plow could bring in some value in its scrap metals. Because payment is made of the metals and weight, the heavier the equipment, the better. The more precious metals under the hoods, the better. As the better means more cash.
You think it all sounds great. Cash for your scrap farm metals; then, you look at all the chores and think, “another day.” With Western Metal Recycling, you don’t have to wait another day. We won’t disrupt your schedule for you to get rid of the metals to us. We are a removal company that collects scrap metals. When we are your company, you have a removal company that comes to you to do the chore of loading and removing the metals, and will put an instant cash payment in your hand.
We buy everything from old plowing engines, traction engines, agricultural engines, to rusted plows, tractors and parts, plate steel and more.
When the farm is looking like it could use a spring cleaning, count on Western Metal Recycling to help you with the chore. You don’t have to be concerned if all the scrap farm metals don’t fit into the back of your truck. We will come to haul off the equipment and metals putting a fair cash price for the load into your hands. Our crews are trained and experienced in removals, so you don’t have the time or back-breaking work of the chore of loading the equipment yourself.
Get cash for your scrap farm metals by calling Western Metal Recycling at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage to complete our “Get a Quote” form. Call us at 0415 227 955.

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