How Every Vehicle Type in Chevrolet is Made Fuel Efficient

How Every Vehicle Type in Chevrolet is Made Fuel Efficient

With the ever increasing price of fuel, and the constantly decreasing natural resources, the automotive industry is struggling to stay alive by introducing newer methods of green technology in their latest vehicles. Chevrolet as one of the magnanimous entities in this industry had to think ahead of others in inventing innovative technologies to save fuel. And the contribution from this brand in the movement of going green on roads is nevertheless significant.

When asked about the ways in which Chevrolet makes every vehicle type energy and fuel efficient, the experts serving at the Concord Chevrolet dealership were more than happy to explain in detail.

Vehicles with 30 mpg EPA Rating

Chevrolet has launched many models in the recent days that are estimated by the EPA to be crossing 30 MPG of mileage when driven consistently on highway speed. Chevrolet made it a point that Fuel never gets wasted on the recently released models that are equipped with the latest stop/start technology. Besides, the brand has added a good number of diesel and electric vehicle options to the original lineup of these years. This was a clever way to encourage people choosing the most fuel efficient option that suits them the most. So, here are the eco-friendly options from Chevrolet that are on a mission to save fuel and natural environment simultaneously by bringing down the owning cost of the conventional vehicles that are still running either on petrol or gasoline.

Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Since the year 2017, Chevrolet has launched the Bolt Premier EV that can cross those extra miles with the power of an electric motor, is capable enough to reach you your destination without the help of a conventional engine. For those who cannot either afford to buy a fully-electric vehicle, Chevrolet has offered them the option of choosing a hybrid vehicle. While the all-electric Bolt EV from Chevrolet can cross more than 200 miles per one full charge, a hybrid can score an EPA-estimated 420 miles of mileage with a fully charged motorwith a tank full of gas.

2019 Sonic Premier RS Hatchback

One of the best examples of a fuel efficient Chevrolet Hatchback is the 2019 Sonic that can cross an EPA-estimated 38 MPG in the highway speed. The credit goes to the fuel-efficient 1.4L turbocharged engine, that it counts upon.

2019 Trax FWD

Chevrolet crossovers and SUVs are known for their practicality and fuel-efficiency. Powered by a 1.4L turbocharged ECOTEC engine that comes standard the 2019 Chevrolet Trax has achieved an EPA-estimated 33 MPG for the highway speed.Moreover all the Trax models are configured with All-wheel drive configuration and are equipped with an Eco button that maximizes theMPG capacity every time it is put on use.

2019 Colorado Z71 4WD

As per the information gathered from the Concord Chevrolet dealership, Chevrolet also has a lengthy list of high capacity trucks that too are cleverly engineered to deliver the best possible fuel efficiency without compromising their potent performance. The entire lineup of Colorado especially the Z71 trim with its Duramax 2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine hits an EPA rating of 31 MPG on the highway and has been considered as the most fuel-efficient pickup truck in the United States.

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