Get the Most Out of Your Car


Choosing a competent and professional mechanic to work on your car is an important decision. To ensure your safety and vehicular reliability, you must make sure that your mechanic is trustworthy and experienced and that he or she checks the following things thoroughly:

  • MOT and EDT testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Brakes and clutch
  • Tyres

Car Servicing and Repairs

To know what work needs to be done on your vehicle, an in-depth assessment will be performed. From there, you will be notified of the issues found and what steps need to be taken to resolve the problems.

MOT and EDT Testing

MOT and EDT testing is a yearly test on vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions that is expected in the United Kingdom. It is important to take your car to a mechanic who will thoroughly give your vehicle an extensive MOT and EDT test.


To find as many issues as possible, a diagnostic test must be performed. This includes using revolutionary diagnostic machinery that checks all codes.

Brakes and Clutch

Another area of your vehicle that needs to be checked is the clutch and brakes. This requires the mechanics to test your car on the road. From there, they will be able to determine whether the clutch or the brakes need to be replaced.


Lastly, any time that you get your vehicle serviced, make sure that the mechanic inspects your tyres. The reliable car services in Alresford will ensure that you get the best care.

Finding the right mechanic can be hard work but with enough personal research and asking the right questions, you can be sure to hire the best professional to work on your beloved vehicle.



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