Car tuning


In today’s world, everyone is trying to be different. We wear individual clothes, shoes; we buy a variety of accessories to be different from people around us. And more recently a new term entered our lives which is tuning. This word implies a change of a standard equipment of a vehicle. And today, tuning is becoming quite popular, because not everyone can afford, say, a Lamborghini Gallardo but people still want their cars to be fast and beautiful therefore, via tuning they now can improve the looks of their cars as well as their performance.

By external tuning, we imply a replacement of standard parts of a car with non-standard ones. These parts include bumpers, side skirts, fenders, headlights. There is also an external tuning including an installment of additional equipment, such as spoilers, moldings, stickers, and other stuff.

Over the last 5-6 years there is a new trend in changing the exterior of a car, which is called aerographics. Aerographics means applying, with special paints and tools, any picture on a car body. Silhouettes of various wild animals have, naturally, become very popular among people. However, today there are only a few car repair shops that can provide a professional service in this field.

Nevertheless, the situation is quite different when it comes to internal tuning of a car. Internal car tuning means an improvement of performance characteristics, achieved by changing the settings of an engine, by improvement of an exhaust system and some other works, including the installment of a sports suspension.

In case of a mass manufacture, car engines have a serious safety margin. An engine management program monitors the environment and the economy, which means that it monitors the proper fuel consumption. All these things create a reserve that allows to get some addition horsepower from an engine.

Why do people need an engine tuning? First of all, because many motorists want to have a more dynamic car. This is the most common answer. Motorists want to have a dynamic car and the first thing that comes to mind is to tune an engine. That is technically correct, but not quite. Since a better acceleration can be achieved just by increasing the torque on a wheel. This can be done in two ways: the first way deals with increasing the torque on the crankshaft. The second deals with moving the torque to a rotational rate. Working with an engine is the most responsible thing when tuning a car. In fact, after tuning a motor, a number of other things are to be done such as working with a suspension, transmission and brakes. Therefore, if you want to significantly increase the power of the engine it is more than possible. However, the question is whether you actually need it. A comprehensive tuning costs quite a lot and in addition, you should keep in mind that if your car was not originally made to be fast, it will probably never match any of those cars that are actually made to be fast. Therefore, if you want to have a nice, fast car, which does not cost a fortune, we suggest you check out, say, some ads from owners who are selling BMW Z4 or similar sports cars and not waste your time and money on something that will probably never give you as much pleasure as a real super car.

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