11 Tips On How To Show Your Alloy Rims Some TLC


Despite looking like a million bucks, used Mercedes Benz rims are a hassle to clean and maintain if it isn’t done right. Leaving the alloy rims to gather too much dirt will also ruin the beauty and elegance of the vehicle. Instead of struggling to clean the rims or leaving them unattended, follow these maintenance tips and your car’s rims will always look its best:

1 – Wheels First

Always start with the wheels when cleaning a car. They are the dirtiest part of the car and you don’t want dust and dirt to spread all over a freshly cleaned and wax vehicle.

2 – Use The Right Cleaner

There are several types of wheel cleaners in the market. Make sure to have one dedicated for light and medium cleaning and one specifically for heavy-duty cleaning.

3 – Avoid Acidic Cleaners

While choosing the right wheel and rim cleaner, always read the labels. It is best to stick to acid-free cleaners as harsh chemicals will ruin the alloy rims while it cleans out the dirt.

4 – Try To Avoid Homemade Cleaners

Some DIY wheel and rim cleaners like lemon juice, and Coca-Cola are suggested by some people, but they should be used with caution. These DIY cleaners can cause more damage to the rims when used so it is best to avoid them if you can afford a wheel cleaner from the shop.

5 – Removing Tar

Tar from the road can stick to the used Mercedes Benz rims and become a challenge to remove. Never try to scrub the tar off as this will scratch and damage the rims. Instead, use a standard tar remover for the job and watch as it melts away without causing any harm to the rims.

6 – Steel Wool And Rims Don’t Mix

Using steel wool or a steel brush to clean the wheels will only result in expensive damages. Never use anything abrasive on the rims, instead invest in a cleaning brush specially made for alloy rims.

7 – Beware Of The Automatic Car Wash

Many car washes use acid-based cleaners to make the cleaning process go by faster. Double check that the establishment uses acid-free cleaners beforehand to avoid causing damage on your alloy rims.

8 – Always Use Clean Cloth And Sponges

Make sure you have a set of clean cloth and sponges when cleaning your car to avoid causing scratches from dirt and debris that stuck onto the dirty cleaning materials.

9 – Reach Inside

Don’t forget to clean the inner barrel of the rims too. This is an area where dirt and dust cake on so it should be cleaned regularly, even if it cannot be seen from the outside.

10 – Cleaning The Nooks And Crannies

Invest in a soft specialist brush for the rims such as those made with hog hair. These tools will ensure you get to clean out every nook and cranny like the lug nut and other crevices so that every inch of the wheel is spic and span.

11 – Dry The Rims

Once the wheel and rim are completely cleaned, it is time to dry them. Use a clean microfiber towel to gently dry off the excess water from the rims to avoid water spot formation.

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