Why the MOT test is Critical

MOT test

We love our cars in the United Kingdom and most weekends, you will see us out there in our neighbourhoods, washing and waxing our cars. The trusty car is seen as an extension of the family and there are very few places that we go without taking the car.

It is an invaluable item and it makes life so much easier. The kids can get dropped off and picked up from school and the shopping can all be done in one morning. However, in order for your car to be on British roads, it must pass a compulsory test regarding its roadworthiness. This is when you need qualified MOT testing in St George.

Your local testing centre checks so many things and here are some of them.

  1. Brakes are essential if you are to stop on time and avoid rear ending someone. The brakes and pads need to be checked and also the brake fluid. Brake lines also need to be in good shape and if they are corroded, they may have to be replaced.
  2. Tyres are an essential part of the kit and must have the proper grip for the wet UK roads. They must have a grip of a particular depth and if they don’t meet requirements, then they have to be replaced.
  3. Emissions are now very strict in the UK and your car’s engine must not go over a certain level. Your mechanic will do all that is possible to reduce these emissions by changing the oil in the engine and tuning it also.

For all your car’s needs, call into your local MOT testing garage and let them take care of your vehicle.









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