What You Should Do In Times Of Accidental Towing

Accidental Towing

Sometimes it feels like rules which have been put in place to aid us to end up working against us, doesn’t it?

Towing service is extremely useful when you are stuck on the road with no fuel or a flat tire. It is also important to maintain road safety by moving away illegally parked cars. While if you end up in an emergency situation along the roads of Sydney, you can always rely on Southside Towing to help you out of your quandary. However, many people are facing the consequences of their vehicles being towed illegally. In such cases, most people have nothing to do but pay any amount of money that is required to get their vehicles released. But, this is not the only way out. In times of accidental towing, you can follow the steps given below to contest any fees that you may be required to pay:

  1. Ensure that you did not violate any parking rules: When parking your car, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is parked in a spot which is legal. Check for traffic or road signs near or inside of the parking space where you are parking your vehicle to make sure that there is no indication of illegal parking. If you are parking inside an apartment complex, you may and to log in a complaint with the managers, and ask why your car has been towed, they are likely to be more helpful to you than the towing company.
  2. Check in with the local police department: if your vehicle has been wrongfully towed it is imperative that you contact the local police department. Make sure that you contact the police department which is near to the towing company to check and make sure that the company has reported your car as being towed. In many cases, the police department will not be able to help you since they cannot force the towing company to return your car, but they can help by acting as a witness, and also by keeping the peace.
  3. Make sure that you get a proof of your vehicle being towed: For a towing company to tow your car legally, they need to take pictures of your vehicle to prove that your car had been parked illegally or was violating some parking rule. They also need to first check in with the police department to find out whether or not the car has been reported stolen or missing before they can tow your car. Of course, it will not be easy for you to be able to procure pictures of your car being towed, and you may even need to visit the towing company for several days before you can get the proof that you need.
  4. Make sure that you know your right: Even if you have not yet been a victim of what is known as predatory towing, you will still want to be informed of your rights in regards to the towing of the vehicle. Predatory towing is when towing companies acquire a car and then refuse to release that vehicle till the owner agrees to pay a certain sum of money or ‘fine’ to get their cars released. The towing companies are often able to get away with such methods since most consumers are not aware of the rights which protect them. Moreover, most people do not have enough time to take it to court and contest these towing fees. But, this makes it quite important for a vehicle owner to know which rights protect them to avoid paying exorbitant amounts of money if their vehicle is ever wrongfully towed.
  5. Involve the local authorities: The first reaction that most people have when they realize that their car is being towed is to become quite aggressive. They take the matter into their own hands and display quite a frustrated behavior towards the towing company. Ultimately, this benefits the towing company since in this scenario they become the victim, and the vehicle owner becomes the aggressor Thus, it is important always to engage your local authorities if you feel that your vehicle has been wrongfully towed.

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