What to Do When you Have Gearbox Issues

Gearbox Issues

Whether your car is a manual or automatic gearbox, there are times when the gears malfunction. The modern automatic gearbox is very complex, and it not unusual for the gear selectors to wear, which affects the normally smooth gear change. Should you experience a gearbox problem, there is affordable reconditioned transmission in Romford, who can source the problem and carry out effective repairs.

  • Specialist Repairs – The average mechanic might be able to strip down an engine and rebuild it, this is not the case with a gearbox, which is extremely complex in design and has many tiny components that must be assembled in the correct sequence. Any garage that receives a request to repair a gearbox would outsource this to a local gearbox repair centre, as they are qualified to work on any type of gearbox.
  • Rebuilding a Gearbox– Without the right training, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to dismantle a gearbox and reassemble it correctly, indeed, gearbox reconditioning is a very specialised form of engineering. Once a gearbox has been overhauled, the repair centre would guarantee their work for a specific number of miles, which gives the customer peace of mind. The repairs might include using parts from another gearbox, which might have been removed from a car that was involves in a collision.

It is not recommended to dive a car with a defective gearbox, as it could be very dangerous, not to mention the risk of destroying the intricate mesh gearing, and the experts can usually carry out quick repairs.

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