What Happens to a Scrapped Vehicle?

What Happens to a Scrapped Vehicle

If your old car has seen better days and you are not prepared to spend the money to keep it on the road, scrapping the car is the solution, and if you have ever wondered what happens to scrapped cars, here is a brief description of the vehicle destruction process.

Professional Vehicle Destruction

Most people who are looking for cash for cars in Brighton will make contact with a government approved breakers yard, who would collect the vehicle and even pay you for top scrap prices. The vehicle must be registered as destroyed, which is something the car breaker can handle, and once you show evidence that you are the registered owner and hand over the logbook, the car then becomes the property of the breaker yard, who will be responsible for ensuring that it is disposed of according to strict government guidelines.

Stripping Down the Vehicle

Once the car arrives at the crap yard, the workers will systematically remove every component that still works, and most of these are then reconditioned and offered for sale to the general public. There are more than 30,000 components on the average car, and many items would still be usable, so they are removed, cleaned up and catalogued, ready to be sold as used car parts.

Removing Harmful Substances

The battery must be removed from the vehicle prior to crushing, along with the following:

  • Engine & Gearbox Oil
  • Brake & Power Steering Fluid
  • Engine Coolant
  • Gases Trapped in the Air Conditioning

Fortunately, this can all be done by the car breaker, who will also give you top scrap prices for the car, and once the paperwork has been completed, the car will be taken away and the destruction process can begin.

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