What Does a Car Valeting Service Entail

Car Valeting

If you are thinking of having your card detailed, but have no idea what this involves, this article was written with you in mind. Using local car valeting services in Plymouth, the car valet company would have several packages, and should you choose the premier detail, this is what it would involve:

  • Full wash and wax – Including under the wheel arches.
  • Exterior power rinse and buff dry.
  • Acid-free wheel clean.
  • Machine and hand polished to the desired grade.
  • Clean windows – inside and out.
  • Upholstery cleaned and protected
  • Carpets cleaned
  • Floor mats removed and cleaned.

If you are taking the in-laws to the airport, for example, it is nice to have the car valeted, which always impresses passengers, and you’ll be so happy with the result, you will likely enquire about the cost of a monthly schedule (likely to be a bit cheaper).

Bodywork Protection

There are several treatments that will protect the exterior, especially in the harsh winter driving conditions, when salt is always used on the roads, which you can have done once the vehicle has been detailed. Of course, a full detail takes a while, and if you are pressed for time, the quick detail is probably the best option which covers a basic clean inside and out, with a hand wax polish to bring up the shine.

Many UK car owners opt to have their vehicle detailed every month, and if you are a regular customer, prices might be slightly reduced. Talk to your local car valet company and take a look at the range of packages they offer, and you’ll be glad you did!

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