Royal Enfield Classic desert storm – Top 5 Features you should know

Royal Enfield Classic desert storm

Royal Enfield classic desert storm is built with unique sand paint feature and this Royal Enfield motorcycle was commonly popular during the time of first and Second World War in the desert.

Royal Enfield matches to any shade and you can even create a unique color based upon the customers wish. Royal Enfield is designed with special features and powerful halogen light by which attracts all the eyes towards the Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is designed with classic engine and it is pleasurable while travelling through any terrain. Here let us discuss some of the special features of Royal Enfield Classic desert storm which is famous one in Indian market today.Royal Enfield Classic desert storm

Royal Enfield structure

Royal Enfield is designed with classic standard 500cc engine and it is single cylinder based four stroke engine that produces 27.2 BHP of power at around 5250 rpm. Royal Enfield is designed with 5 speed gearbox and it completely looks with the vintage creativity. And most of the people are very much attracted to this type of design. When you ride through plains or even mountains you will feel completely comfortable with the machine.

Stylish look

Royal Enfield is designed with an attractive and stylish look where each and every person will be attracted to the sound of the Royal Enfield and everyone’s attraction will be focused to the vehicle. When you travel on the road, it’s simply means that you are travelling in a gigantic vehicle with viewer’s attention. Royal Enfield is designed with short silencer and it is available in multiple options for on road uses you can also change the desert storm to even many models as per your wish.

ABS feature

Royal Enfield desert Storm is designed with ABS feature which is very unique in motorcycle. It is very much safe for the person driving in a vehicle. It creates uniqueness when compared to two other products of motor vehicle in the market. Every products manufactured in Royal Enfield are taken much care for both the human and vehicle. If this is properly maintained and featured it will run for long period of time.


Royal Enfield gives you an excellent performance in consistent level since it is built with low rpm at high torque for pulling the maximum power from the lower revolutions. This process will make your ride effortless it is designed as an amazing process which does not match to any other motorcycles in the market. The wheels are designed with complete stability to catch on the road in control and even the speed can also be controlled at its level.

Road presence

It is simply outstanding and the sound wake up lazy morning people to ride a way in Royal Enfield. No matter it will attract individual’s attention to work retro look. The old charming gives you new and stylish look with chrome fittings, curvaceous nature, hand painted fuel tank and Royal Enfield is one of the biggest dream for every person in the world.

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