My Engine is Whining when Driving the Melbourne Roads. What Is the Cause


There are different reasons that your car is whining when driving it; and, with any issue with the car, a mechanic’s attention should be on the priority list. Pro Car Removal offers the following information on troubleshooting the problem.

Growling Sound When Turning the Steering Wheel

When the car starts to create a growling sound when turning the steering wheel. Firstly, turn the wheel when the car is off to see if it still creates the noise. If the sound is still there, the issue may be that you are lo on power steering fluid. There may also have an issue that is a bit more serious like an issue with your pump.

Engine Pulleys Noise

When you hear a cyclical sound from your engine it should immediately be checked out. The noise may be being caused by a bad bearing or pulley of the parts that are belt driven like the alternator. Try to determine the exact location of the sound and call your mechanic.

Clicking or Whirring Sound

A clicking or whirring sound that changes with the speed the car is traveling the issue may be that your radiator fan is failing. The blade may be off balanced and vibrating or be hitting the fan shroud around it. This will lead to a great deal of noise, but is not a costly repair to be made. The fan will need to be repaired or replaced.

Troubleshooting the issue can help to diagnose the problem. However, when there is an issue with your car’s engine it is necessary to have it checked out by a mechanic or you are risking further damage to the engine. As always, if you have not read the owner’s manual for your car, get it out and read it from cover to cover. There is valuable information, including troubleshooting problems like noises.

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