MOT Services: What You Need to Know

MOT Services

If you own a car, you’re probably aware of the many regulations, requirements, and regular maintenance that are required in the upkeep of your vehicle. Keeping up with these tests and services helps to make sure that your car will be able to keep running both properly and legally on the road. It’s important that you get these things done regularly, at least once a year, especially if there is a time requirement for legal tests. Luckily, there are plenty of reliable shops that offer these tests for your convenience.

What Is a MOT Service?

A local MOT service in Hamilton provides a legally required test that allows your vehicle to continue to be on the road within the safety conditions set by the law. MOT stands for the Ministry of Transport, and the MOT test is separate from regular servicing. With that said, many normal vehicle service shops have been authorised to offer these test services.

  • Annual test for most cars that are at least three years old or older
  • Tests the vehicle’s safety, exhaust emissions, and roadworthiness
  • Started in the 1988 Road Traffic Act

Getting a MOT Service

Because the MOT test is a legal requirement, it’s essential that you keep up with it and remember to have the test done once every year as the Road Traffic Act states. Because these tests are offered by many normal shops, it may be most convenient to time the annual tests around the times that you might need to go in for a regular oil change or other kind of service maintenance for your vehicle. Either way, make sure you go to a reliable shop that is properly licensed and authorised to offer the test.

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