Most Common Issues People Face During Changing Engine Oil

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Through the history of automotive industry there has been a lot of changes in the systems that work behind the movement of the vehicles on the road. It featured several different components, including tyres, safety features, engines and motors. The purpose behind these changes was to come up with systems that need lesser attention and maintenance. The engines can be one of the best examples that has evolved to a great extent from being huge to the recent compact ones that are now successful products being able to produce more power while asking for lesser fuel. The advantages didn’t end here. The modern engines also have much lesser maintenance regime, that means lesser frequency in oil changing services and lengthier gaps in changing oil filters. But that doesn’t mean it has reached a stage when you do not need to attend to it at all. Hence, there are few issues that people face even with the latest modern engines that we would like to discuss here.

To get an overall picture clear to our minds about the recent time car engines and their maintenance regimes, we asked the Smelterville Chevy dealer service center, and got the following insights:

The Engine Oil Light

The recent cars are more communicative to their users than ever before. But even the old cars used to have those oil warning lights, that usually are red in color to symbolize trouble and create an alert. This light illuminates to let you know when the engine oil pressure has gone down. It is an automatic system that won’t turn on unless the pressure is really down. So, if you see such warning lights, never ignore it. The warning expects you to shut the engine off instantly so that it doesn’t lead to any catastrophic damage.

In the latest cars, some of the infotainment system includes a “maintenance required” message option or “oil life monitor” message to specify the problem, but not all of them will be that specific. If your car doesn’t have that option, you have to take the next step, as soon as the car alert illuminates with the “check engine” message.

Reasons for Oil Change

There are some simple as well as some complicated reasons why at all the “check engine oil” light will illuminate. Most probably the first time it will turn on, if you have crossed 5,000 miles. But in many cases after you resetting the oil life monitor, the alert gets tuned to an algorithm that will turn it on after an estimated state of oil wear, if it detects higher operating temperature than the set ones, after reading excessive idle time, extreme engine speed and engine load. But in each case, one cannot afford to take things lightly, as even with all these reasons that apparently look that crucial, the lights will be on, when the engine crosses any of its bars.

Arriving at a Conclusion

As learnt from the Chevy dealer Smelterville, the lights are indicators of trouble that should never be ignored. To be on the safer side, the oil change intervals should not be increased, while ignoring the alerts and not checking the engine oil status will leave you under scarce layers of protection.

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