How to Take Care of Your Classic Car in Perth


They are old, and without TLC, they won’t run! With the right care, old cars can last for decades. Oriental Car Removal offers the following tips to help keep your classic car in great condition.

Store it
After all, it’s a classic that is decades old. When you aren’t on a Sunday drive keep it in a safe, locked space with a roof over its head. Like old age, classics shouldn’t be run every day and need the TLC of a dry home. Humidity, like other weather conditions, will only damage the car.

While you might think one quick trip through the car was okay, don’t! Wash your classic by hand using mild soap and clean towels.

Don’t let your car sit longer than two weeks without starting its engine. Start the engine and allow it to get to normal running temperature before turning the engine off. Be sure that when you start its engine that you have the garage or facility door open as adequate ventilation is necessary or death can result. If possible, take your classic car for a spin.

Emergency Brake
It is not uncommon for emergency brakes to seize up in older cars when engaged for long periods. If this happens, you’ll find yourself with an emergency brake that you are unable to release. Forget the emergency brake and place chocks under the wheels of the car to keep it from rolling.

When your classic car is stored for long periods, it is a good idea to disconnect its battery and place the battery on a trickle charger.

Classic cars need extra TLC and regular attention. While you might get away with running your oil low in a modern car, you won’t get in a classic car. The oil in the car should be changed every 1000 miles or no less than six months. Be sure to regularly check all fluid levels in the car and top off the fluids before taking the car on a drive. Also, check the cooling system and transmission fluids.

Have the car serviced by an authorised mechanic no less than once a year.

Don’t customise
Classic cars should not be customised, or they will lose their value. Original motors and parts are what make the car true to its name- classic.

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