How to Save Your Pocket Renting a Car at Pick Season

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Everybody needs a car to make road trip and to travel somewhere in the vacation with family and friends. You can book a car or a wreck in the car rental website or in any car rental mobile application. But in the pick seasons it is really a burden to book a car as the demand is high. If you choose car without considering some facts, it might be expensive for you.

Fuel Policy

Car rental companies offer the drivers basically two types of fuel policy. Number one is “full to empty policy”. You pay the price of full tank fuel and return it empty. This may sound good but actually it includes extra charges. Especially when are paying for the full tank and not using the full tank of fuel.

Another policy of fuel in the car rental company is “full to full policy”. In this policy the company will provide you a full tank of fuel and you have to return it with full tank of fuel. You are paying only the amount of fuel you are burning in this policy. Moreover you are buying the fuel at the market price directly from fuel pump. So this is going to be a money saving policy for your journey.

Free Cancelation of Cars

Book those car rent deal charges on cancellation fees up to 48 hours ahead of picking up the car. In that way, you can book a cheap deal early in the year and easily cancel it if a better deal found. Not all the car renting company offers you this opportunity. So read everything before you book a car for your holiday journey. You will not have to regret later on.

Add Second Driver Only if It is Free

Sometimes adding additional drivers may charge extra dollars. Having one driver saves a good amount. Choose the premium package that is included additional drivers. You don’t have to pay extra for adding another driver. Moreover you have to provide all the necessary documents for the extra driver too. It is better to skip the extra driver option while you rent a wreck.

Book Four Door Car

In case of cheap car renting facility, you may choose between two door and four door car. You better rent a wreck in cheaper price in advance having all the facility and convenience. Four door rental wrecks are more in demand and run out quickly at the pick season. But if you insist on the car renting company as deal is getting booked they will compel to give four door car of better category. And for they cannot impose you extra charges of better category car.

Company’s Show off Ratings

Various car rental broker website set ratings for the companies. Most of the time it is made to fool you. Read the original reviews and better you go the official website of renting operator and verify the quality and the service.

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