How To Check and Replace Car Fuses

Replace Car Fuses

Anyone who has owned a car for a long while will have encountered a dilemma with their car fuse. This is a common thing among car owners simply because of the number of components there are within the car fuse. It’s important to know how to check and replace them.

Checking car fuses can be done whenever you’re doing regular maintenance. You don’t really need to have any special tools if you want to check it. However, you will need to get your hands dirty upon replacing the auto parts for mercedes. Below is a quick guide that can help you.

Checking a car fuse

When checking the car fuse, you will only need a flashlight and a fuse puller. In case you don’t have a fuse puller, a pair of needle nose pliers will do. Most cars will have more than one fuse box so you should look at the owner’s manual to know where they’ll be.

Usual fuse box locations

Under the hood – This is a fuse box that you will find near the battery of the car. It should be located along the inner fender well. You will typically find more than one fuse box under the hood.

In the trunk – For auto parts for Mercedes, you should check in the trunk for the fuse box as this is the usual location for BMW and Mercedes.

Under the dashboard – You can access this with the front door opened. This fuse box will be inside the dashboard or located just below it in the footwell area. If you can’t find it there, it might be behind the kick panel.

Under the back seat – Popular with some Cadillacs, you’ll find the fuse box located together with the battery underneath the back seat. You will be able to locate it by removing the seat cover.

Removing the fuse

Make sure that the car is completely off. Once you find the fuse, you can remove it by simply grabbing it with the fuse puller you brought. Make sure that you apply a reasonable amount of force. If you can’t take it out, it’s possible that the fuse is being locked by another compartment. Don’t attempt to pull it with more strength or you’ll risk breaking the fuse.

(Optional) Testing the fuse

You can take the fuse to your trusted car mechanic for testing. However, if you have a test light, you can use it to test each fuse that you’ve collected. You can do this by attaching the clip for the test light to any bare metal that you can find. Use the test light to touch each end of the fuse. The test light should light up to signify that the fuse is good.

Replacing a car fuse

If any of the car fuses that you tested don’t cause the fuse light to light up or it failed the test done by the mechanic, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. You can look for auto parts for Mercedes on the internet. As long as you know exactly what to look for, you won’t have any issues with the replacement.

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