How to Calculate Premium with Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

Calculations are always one of the most intensive tasks that anyone could ever perform, and if it’s your car insurance premium calculation, then the tediousness is manifold. It is often found that many car owners struggle hard to calculate their car insurance premium and straight away pay the amount asked by the insurance company.

If you are amongst one of them, then this article will bring a sense of relief for you. Car insurance premium calculator is one of the most trusted and easy-to-use online tool that will calculate your car insurance premium within a fraction of time with utmost ease and precision. No need to spend hours on never ending calculation. In addition, this innovative tool will help you pick the right and apt insurance policy as per your requirements.

Key Points to Know While Calculating Premium with Premium Calculator

Before you start using this straightforward yet productive tool, it is essential to have some sort of information handy to get the right insurance quotes.

If you are a new buyer:

  • Vehicle details like Insured’s Declared Value (IDV), Effective Driving License, First Registration Date or Sales Invoice Date, Manufacturer’s Name, Vehicle Make and Model, and Registration City.
  • Details of any additional coverage accessories, modification like LPG/CNG kit, Electrical Accessories, and Non-electrical Accessories
  • Details of any personal accident coverage.
  • Liability coverage details along with personal details.

If you are renewing your pre-existing car insurance:

  • All the above-mentioned details plus details of previous policy including policy duration details, policy type details, and personal details

In addition, you should also know that your car insurance premium depends upon some factors like the type of car you own, the transmission type, coverage type and so on. Let’s understand in a more elucidated manner.

  1. The type of vehicle you own.

The variety of your vehicle influences your car premium rate. For instance, if you are proud of any luxury sedan, then your premium rate would be high as compared to the premium rate of a compact car owner.

  1. Your coverage option- for a car premium, you will have two options to buy from.
  • Third party insurance that covers only the liabilities associated with the third party.
  • A comprehensive insurance policy that covers everything between you, your car and third-party.
  1. Your car age- Yes. Your car age or IDV is one of the most influential factors to decide your car insurance premium rate. The higher the IDV, the more would be the premium rate.
  2. No claim bonus- If you haven’t made any claim regarding discounts, then you are eligible to avail No Claim Bonus during the renewal time. This is actually a reward for your carefully driving your vehicle.
  3. Locality- Those who are residing in areas prone to vandalizing are likely to pay high-premium rates. On the contrary, car owners residing in safer localities are likely to pay fewer premiums as there is less chance of car theft.

Calculate Premium with Premium Calculator in Hassle Free Ways

We all know that having a car premium is what matters the most for any car owner. But calculating and choosing the right one is what we dread the most. Car Insurance Premium Calculator is the only tool that brings relief for the car owner in both the situations. Seeing its ease of usage and productivity, it is considered as one of the most potent tools to calculate car insurance premium.

When you are ready with these set of information, you are all set to calculate your car insurance premium in the easiest manner. By simply filling up the desired details in the online Car Premium Calculator, you will be able to get the right and apt information regarding your car premium. In addition, you will become aware of what other market players are providing. A simple and easy-to-understand comparison can be done. The Car Insurance Premium Calculator also provides a quick glance at the deals that are open in the market in a single click. As a buyer, it is a win-win situation for you, as you will be able to know how much you need to spend and which deal is giving you the best return on a single click.

With all sorts of quotes readily available, you will be able to grab the best deal as per your requirement and spending capacity.

So, stop spending hours to calculate and obtain the right car insurance premium quotes with our Car Insurance Premium Calculator. Log on to for more information.

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