How to avoid problems when renting a car?

avoid problems when renting a car

The usual thing is to ask for a deposit or deposit that will be refunded at the time of the return of the vehicle and also usually ask for the credit card data as a guarantee in case you deliver the car in poor condition or do not deliver it. Ask the bank additional resources for the return of that receipt if the company does not justify these charges. Keep in mind that most companies do not accept debit cards  as lax car rental   collateral.

Extreme caution when booking the rental car’s performing Internet. If you do it in advance, it is advisable to call the company when the date approaches to confirm the disposition of the car upon arrival at the destination. is advisable to hire a rental car without limiting mileage . If this is not possible, evaluate if it is more profitable to add kilometers to the planned route or pay afterwards the kilometers that exceed those established in the contract. If the cost per kilometer is high, you may be interested in paying an extra to have unlimited mileage.

Other tips before renting a car

Check the level of the fuel tank and the conditions of return. In general, the contract must specify the exact amount of fuel with which the vehicle must be delivered.

 Check that the rental agreement includes roadside assistance in case of breakdown or accident. The usual thing is that all companies include this service in its most basic version, although you should read the fine print, because in case of suffering a breakdown due to negligence of the driver, you may have to take care of the expenses of the crane. If the vehicle is left unused and it is not the fault of the driver, the rental company would have to offer you a replacement car to cover the contracted days. The rent-a-car company offers a more complete assistance service that includes puncture repair, closed doors with the key inside, etc.

Other tips to keep in mind

keep all the documentation some months after the end of the rental service; check the cancellation fees before booking a vehicle, pick up or deliver the vehicle with time to review it well and, if you want to save a few Euros, better take your own updated browser.

If you are traveling with children, you will need a child seat

 In general, all car rental companies offer approved child restraint systems . The use of these systems is mandatory whenever the child has a height of 1.35 meters or less , also, depending on their height and weight may need a different type of chair. Due to the importance of travel well protected, it is necessary that before confirming a reservation confirm with the rent-a-car company that has the approved child seat for children who will occupy the car.

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