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Holden is a band of vehicles manufactured in Australia known for its wide range of small medium and large commercial vehicles. Holden is the Australian branch of General Motors; therefore its still maintains the General Motors quality in Australia. The many brands of Holden vehicles include the commodore, captiva, Calais and barina among others. There have been new vehicles introduced in this brand. These new range of vehicles have one characteristic; common with all brands of Holden vehicle- fuel saving

If you want a car that will take you along distance on little fuel the Holden is the car to choose. The environment is a major concern of this car manufacturer, and it wants to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the earth. This way, all its buyers have an easier time with the price of the cars as well. Holden has been in process of developing alternative fuels, which will take the place of petroleum in the industry. The company wants to sell vehicles that are easy to run and are efficient as well. When looking for Holden wreckers Perth in Brisbane or in any other part of Australia, you can be sure they you will not be spending a lot on fuel.

Australia’s first fully manufactured car model, the FX Holden, soon became a favourite for most Australian car buyers. Toted as Australia’s car for Australian conditions, the FX laid the foundation stone for Australia’s most successful car manufacturer GM-H. At first, considering only manufacturing a sedan body, Holden found a need and a demand to quickly develop a utility for the man on the land. The “utility” was born and affectionately became known as the “ute”.

With vast distances that our farmers had to travel, some with properties spread over 30,000 and 40,000 acres, they needed a motor vehicle/work horse to travel their wide barren properties. Taking stock and produce to market and backing up as a comfortable and reliable sedan, the two seater “ute” became a must have for the man on the land and regularly used the “ute” for weekend picnics and driving into the closest city to purchase their food supplies.

The exterior body colour range was limited to four colours: Convoy Grey, Seine Blue, Gawler Cream and Black. At this time, the colour of the vehicle was not an issue. Because of low production numbers and high demand, the flexible Australian farmer bought the “ute” that was available to him at the time, regardless of colour.

The early Holden ute had very few options as there was very few to choose from because this was a “man on the land workhorse”. It had to work and work hard. The original 6 cylinder, 60 bhp “grey engine” was used, as Holden wisely chose reliability over innovation and durability over performance, the key to the success of the Holden ute.

Overseas car manufacturers were miffed at the soon to grow popularity of the Holden ute.

Australia has been, and still is, the only market place where the popularity of the ute vigorously challenges the sales of sedate 6 cylinder sedans.

Todays Holden Ute is built for speed, comfort and great design. Options are unlimited with high performance six cylinder and thundering 6 speed v8’s, common place on Australian roads. Tradesmen now dominate the purchasing of these Australian developed concept utilities while the man on the land still uses his ute to do the weekly grocery shopping in a lot more comfort and style than before.

Today, Australia leads the world in ute development simply because it represents a way of life to many Australians whether you are a man on the land or not.

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