Different Ways That The Car Air-Conditioning Can Be Fixed

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You might notice that the air conditioning in your car has started to change. There are a few things that could have gone wrong. Instead of trying to fix the problem by yourself, you should aim to have the air conditioning serviced at the weekend by an experienced maintenance technician.

They will be able to fix multiple problems with the air conditioning:

  • Air Not Cooling Rapidly Enough
  • Air Not Cooling At All
  • Air Temperature Going Through Extremely Rapid Changes
  • Rattling And Humming Noises From The Air Conditioning Unit
  • Leakages From The Air Conditioning Unit
  • Air Conditioning Cutting Out
  • Air Not Blowing In The Direction That You Would Like It To

1) Air Not Cooling Rapidly Enough

When you are using the air conditioning inside the car, you want it to cool down the air as quickly as possible. This does not always happen and you could be waiting for a long time until the air is cooled. Hot air blowing into the car is going to make you feel extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are on a long drive.

Solution: The air conditioning unit inside the car can be fixed during car servicing in Eastbourne so that you do not have to worry about the time it takes for the air to cool down. You will enjoy cold air that has cooled down in a matter of sections before it filters through the rest of the car.

2) Air Not Cooling At All

You might notice that the air is failing to cool at all. This could be a problem with the internal workings of the air conditioning system. You will not want to use the air conditioning system when this is happening.

Solution: The technician will be able to fix the problem completely and then the air is going to be cool 100% of the time.

3) Air Temperature Changing Rapidly

The air temperature might be changing rapidly without you touching the dials. This is going to be frustrating for you.

Solution: The air conditioning system will have a full inspection to determine why the temperature is changing so rapidly without your input. The problem will be rectified and then the air temperature will remain at a constant rate.

4) Rattling And Humming Noises

One of the first signs that the air conditioning unit is malfunctioning is when you start to notice a humming or rattling sound from the unit. This could be an indicator of several issues that need to be addressed as soon as is convenient.

5) Leakages From The Air Conditioning Unit

Leakages from the air conditioning unit are going to make it run inefficiently.

Solution: The leakages can be stopped by an experienced technician, who will restore the air conditioning unit to normal.

6) Air Conditioning Cutting Out

When the air conditioning cuts out, this can be inconvenient.

Solution: The technician will repair the air conditioning so there are no issues.


  • An air conditioning technician will be able to fix any issues that are occurring with the air con system in your car.

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