Considering the Family Vehicle of 2017


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time with the family, choosing a family vehicle can be the cement that binds your resolution to achievement, or the culprit that rains dampening defeat. The automotive market is fierce and competitive. You have many options to choose from. But from a practical, economical, and opportunistic standpoint, many family men are purchasing GMC Conversion Vans for reasons this article will examine.

Shining the High Beams on Your Options

It’s a no-brainer. You need a vehicle that will accommodate your entire family, be cost-efficient, and offer room for activities and road trips. According to the Kelly Blue Book, the top 10 family cars of 2017 only include 3 full-size vehicles: the Chevy Suburban, the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Pathfinder. Good as they may be, if you have an active family with more than one child, you are going to need much more room than what these cars offer. Camping and road trips will provide cramped quarters, and with no room to sleep, expect to pay high hotel bills. On the opposite end of the fence there is the RV. Though it offers all the room you could possibly want, RVs are expensive and they cost a child’s college fund just to fuel and maintain one. Furthermore, they face certain limitations such as parking and mobility (forget parking in a traditional parking space or venturing down those fun little dirt roads). But another main thing to consider is that RVs are harder to drive and most garages and driveways can’t accommodate them.

Find that Happy Medium

I don’t mean to go in search of a jovial fortune-teller, but rather a conversion van. The conversion van offers way more room and options than the Kelly blue Book picks, and is more practical than the RV option. In an article posted by a tech savvy business blog titled Thatedeguy, the author rates the conversion van as being the best vehicle for family road trips. He praises them for their homey feel thanks to the endless possibilities of add-ons and customizations to make it fit your family’s needs. Some of the add-ons the author touches on include extra large seats, reclining seats, sliding sofas, front power lumbar seats and a sunroof. Some people even have HDTV with built-in DVD Blu-Ray players and surround sound systems, as well as ports for your iPods and laptop devices.

But apart from the little add-ons, conversion vans offer sleeping compartments (or beds) and cooking and entertainment areas. In other words, the happy medium between a car and a palace on wheels exists in an affordable, cost-effective vehicle that will bring you and your family years of enjoyment.

Have Fun, Rain or Shine

Take your conversion van tailgating at the stadium in the dead of winter, or take it camping down by your favorite fishing spot; it has way more uses than what a car or an RV can offer. It can also be used as a second family car for commuting to work, or making runs to the grocery store. You can even pick up your kid’s soccer team and drive them to the pizza parlor. Whatever you do in your conversion van, rest assure you are creating some great memories for the family, and are making the most of a vehicle that is practical, as well as fun.

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