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CEAT Fuelsmarrt Tyres

CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturing companies and has a huge presence globally. It produces tyres for buses, trucks, cars, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles, tractors, earthmovers and trailers. CEAT has its manufacturing units in different states including Maharashtra and Gujarat. Apart from tyres, it also produces flaps and tubes. CEAT tyres meet the quality and safety requirements of the Indian roads and are well known for their superior grip on different road conditions.

CEAT has partnered with some of the leading automobile companies like Bajaj, Maruti, Ashok Leyland, and Royal Enfield in India. CEAT has proved itself to be a high-end tyre manufacturing brand with reasonable prices.

CEAT ‘Fuelsmarrt’ are tyres that are designed to provide low resistance and improve fuel efficiency. These tyres have been designed especially for daily commuting. With a low rolling resistance, these tyres allow the commuter to cover larger distances with relatively less fuel consumption as compared to other tyres. According to the brand, riding on CEAT Fuelsmarrt can save up to Rs 15221 of fuel cost on running for about 36500 km per tyre.

These tyres have been customised to be used as company fitted tyres in the new Hyundai Santro model. Let’s look at the features of this tyre:

  • Specially customized for the Santro model, the tyre will also be available in 155/80R13. There are 11 other sizes of this tyre.
  • To maximise control on the road, these tyres will have stiff shoulder blocks.
  • The tyres have interlocked blocks to provide stability and keep the car in the driver’s control especially in curves to minimize slippage risks.
  • For lower acoustic comfort, these tyres have a simulated pitch sequence.
  • These tyres are fuel efficient and have low rolling resistance.

CEAT has been used as company fitted tyres 5 times now in the past two years. The company is growing its market value by supplying tyres to domestic and international car makers.

CEAT Fuelsmarrt Tyre Price

The price range for CEAT Fuelsmarrt tyres is between Rs 2635 and Rs 7040. The whole price list for CEAT tyres is available at the portal TyreCafe.

Buy CEAT Fuelsmarrt Tyres

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