Be Safe, Be Sure: Schedule Your Annual MOT Test

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The most important fact that you need to know about Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing is that it’s required by law. Once you’ve set your mind to this, the rest is relatively easy. You just have to schedule your appointment with a reliable garage to conduct this important test and inspection.

Don’t Risk a Citation

Basically, you should make these arrangements annually or you could be subject to being cited for not having the required test and proof of that test. If, during the process, the technician discovers that additional maintenance or repair is required, you will be informed of this and will have the opportunity to discuss those procedures with a member of the staff.

The cost of having this test completed by a provider of experienced MOT testing services in Plymouth is very reasonable, usually about £30. This important service is available to owners of individual cars or for commercial operations that need to have an entire fleet tested. The government requires this test to ensure that vehicles are in safe condition and roadworthy as well as to determine if the vehicle meets standards for exhaust emissions.

Key elements are:

  • Reasonable cost
  • Single car
  • Fleet of cars
  • Adjustments and repairs available

Avoid Future Expense

Certification is provided according to guidelines set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. You may not be able to renew the car tax, if applicable, without proper MOT certification. In addition, you may cause your vehicle insurance to be invalid, which could certainly put you in a very expensive situation if you’re in a car crash or the vehicle is otherwise damaged. Why take the chance?

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