A Beginners Guide To Ceramic Coating Your Car

A Beginners Guide To Ceramic Coating Your Car

Ceramic coating is a blessing for serious car enthusiasts. Whether you’re an auto salon or a professional detailer, keeping cars in tip-top shape is important. You can accomplish this by washing the ceramic coat cars as recommended and directed by many manufacturers.

However, routine maintenance with ceramic coatings is basically not a black and white. As a matter of fact, a few ceramic paint protection options need annual inspections by an auto salon, which originally installed it. Though warranties do not back others. This means you may handle the maintenance on your car. If it is your first time applying a ceramic coating, here is an ultimate guide to help you:

Wash the Car First

A brisk rinse over may not do. Consider paying attention to washing your car using a premium car shampoo. This will help to get into those little crannies and nooks, which fearsome automated car wash misses.

It is also recommendable that you use the two-bucket method to clean the dirty wash mitt. You may also use your old toothbrush for door surrounds and panel gaps.

Apply a Similar Spray Coating

As far as car products are concerned, consistency is essential. Look for the right maintenance spray, such as Nexgen Ceramic Spray, and consistently use the same coating type.

The problem with using a different spray product is that it can have a compatibility issue with your car’s needs. Therefore, be sure to ask for recommendations and consult a manufacturer about the perfect product for your vehicle.

Polish the Paint

Before ceramic coating your car, you need to ensure your paint is excellent because there are semi-permanent coatings. Based on the car care reviews, polishing will seal defects, which are left on the surface.

If you also have deep swirl marks and scratches, you may use a finishing polish. With this, you will be able to get rid of any remaining swirls and scratches and give your car a nice gloss.

Choose the Best Coating

You may choose many coating options in the market, but you can make your choice between professional-grade and DIY ceramic coatings. Professional-grade products infuse with a transparent layer of existing paint, and it may offer a few years of long protection. Though this process needs industrial-strength solutions, which certified installation experts might apply.

If you decide to take a light-hearted route, you may perform a ceramic coating procedure at home. DIY ceramic coatings, like Torque Detail, have a low level of SiO2 (silicon dioxide). This means it will dry slowly and can enable you to correct mistakes. There are also many other coating products you might buy, but you may always check reviews to choose one based on your pocket and needs.

Concluding Remarks!

The main thing to remember when applying a ceramic coat to your car is that it is bullet-proof. Although maintenance is simplified, you still have to care for your vehicle.

Always invest in high-quality gear, clean your car regularly, and avoid abrasive products so as to enjoy the look of the ‘dealership’ for a long time.

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